Welcome To Bull Pin University

Welcome to Bull Pin University, a story about a new college campus placed in a universe where women’s rights don’t exist. We intend to push the needle of storytelling, through 7 girls who overcome peculiar situations at an all-girls campus.✨

Bull Pin University

"Placed in a universe where women's rights don't exist."


More About Bull Pin University

A group of girls from different backgrounds meet at Bull Pin University, after being pushed into a new dimension, where the same rules they're use to no longer apply.

The seven girls form a sisterly bond around their passion for solving complicated problems in a world where women's rights don't exist. Every week, the seven girls hold private meetings on the third floor of The Brain Building, where they've discovered a secret device that allows them to see the world's biggest problems in the form of special news reports.

The girls create a pact to work diligently together to solve some of the world's biggest problems, including their own personal struggles on the new campus of Bull Pin University.

While the girls grow stronger together as a sisterhood, the world around them starts to alter, and things start to get a little intense, in a big town city.

Meet Tony Brite

Tony Brite is a science major and is a part of the LGBTQ community. She uses her analytical and quantitative skills to excel on the debate team, with Imon. In her free time she volunteers at an incubator to conduct aerodynamic experiments.

Meet Anika Mahal

Anika Mahal is an environmental science major and enjoy's learning about global warming, climate change and clean energy. She's VP of the diversity & inclusion club on campus. In her free time, she interns at a local NGO that aims to address worldly health issues caused by environmental science.



Meet Penny Price

Penny Price is an economics major and loves to learn about economic development. She's currently an economics tutor and conducts weekly tutoring classes on campus. She's good at applied business math and creating consulting strategies.

Meet Isabella Ortiz

Isabella Ortiz is a communication major. She loves to sing, dance and is always full of energy. She is talented in being resourceful and creative to solve high intense situations. She uses her talents along with her platform to address issues that she values. She started a blog when she was 14 and is a campus celebrity. Her fashion sense is well respected in the fashion community and she attends fashion week every year.

Meet Imon Iad

Imon Iad is a social justice major. She's known in her community for being outspoken and fair. She is a community organizer around campus and enjoys learning about other cultures. She is currently on the debate team and knows 3 languages.

Meet Kacey Kode

Kacey Kode is a technology major. She started an "animal's rights" club on campus and is an animals activist. She uses her talents to build out apps and websites for local animal shelters.

Meet London Time

London Time is an engineering major. She's president of the STEM club on campus and enjoys hands on work. In her free time, she's designing and creating new inventions.


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