The 4 Secrets to Having a Productive Week

There are some people that have the gift to do everything in less time than the others. They are so productive, they don’t need to sacrifice sleep, weekends or family time.


However, people like me usually spend our whole day in the office just to end up bringing work home to finish one thing or two we had left.

Well, not anymore!

Spending the whole day working doesn’t necessarily mean people are being productive. It is important to understand that the key is not how many hours we work but how we make use of this time.

In this article, we will review some tips to maximize our weekly productivity so you can enjoy your weekend knowing you got everything done.


1. Schedule all your activities in advance.

Plan your activities prioritizing the most important (and difficult) tasks first, dividing them into ideas, projects, and responsibilities. Being ambitious is great, but it is better when you have a realistic course of actions to comply with everything you need to do. Establish the daily goals and achievements you must comply at the end of the week. When you finish, you can assess how productive you were based on the goals you reached.

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2. Procrastinate procrastination.

Commitment with your responsibilities means that if you are setting a series of stuff for yourself, you really have to get them done. For that purpose, it is always useful to make a list where you can just mark as completed everything you do. We all know Social Media, cat videos and updating with your coworkers can be really charming, however, eventually, you’ll feel stressed about the things you procrastinate in the first place. Make a commitment to what you have to do. Then, and only when you finished all your reports, budgets, and other number-y stuff, you’ll have plenty of time to watch that cat trying to catch a laser pointer on the wall (don’t look it up now!).


3. Don’t overcharge yourself with way too many things.

Do not bite off more than you can chew. If you plan to approach a lot of things at the same time, you might not get any of them done at the end of the week. It can also take a toll on your health and your inner peace. In the end, you will feel frustrated when you see all the activities you didn’t do. If this is your case, you have two options: a. Pick better the responsibilities and goals you set to yourself and b. Try to rely a little bit more on your people, delegating the things you know you won’t complete on time.


4. Check and measure your achievements.

Assess if you finish every objective you had at the end of the week. If you completed every task on your list, congratulations! You proved yourself to be a highly productive person, now you can enjoy your weekend with your loved ones, go for a picnic and yes, now you can watch that compilation of cat clips (they are so dorky!).

If you didn’t finish all the things you planned, it is not a reason to get bummed out. You just have to work harder on your discipline, but you’re on the right track. Analyze the reasons that prevented you from reaching your goals and adapt solutions for next week. You’ll see that improving your productivity is not about reaching to the finish line but concentrating on the day to day process.



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