Meet Nadira, IT Girl of The Week

Nadira Ramautarsing

Business Owner 👚+ 💻 =✨


Nadira is the co-founder of @wulterkensstore, a customized graphic wear shop, and the CMO of @ouro, a computer company catered to improving financial inclusion in Latin America & the Caribbean.

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What motivates you?

Constantly being challenged in new opportunities and growing from them. But mostly, knowing my energy spent creates value for others around me.

What does success mean to you?

Over the years I’ve learned to celebrate the small successes. So success to me, means growth. The little things you do better every day compared to before. The little things you are able to experience better than before, as a result of your hard work. Constantly working on being a better person than before, will always get you to celebrate success. I’m grateful everyday.

Name one thing you do constantly that has contributed to your success.

I reflect a lot, to evaluate where things could be or have gone better and than I act upon this, and so on...a continuous cycle of improvement and growth. Many people fear making mistakes. I embrace them, because it makes the process above easier, so you can improve and grow faster when you learn from them.


What's your favorite podcast or blog?

Difficult to choose, but if I have to: “She did it her way” (podcast).

What's the most embarrassing moment you've experienced in a professional setting?

Probably not being able to answer certain questions during interviews. I’ve recently dived into a complete new industry (FinTech), and despite having completed the Oxford programme, there’s still a lot I have to learn. I am however, good at covering up, so I talked my way out of it. Still not my proudest moment.

Can you share a quote you often refer to?

"When nothing is certain, anything is possible" ✨

What's next? Where do you see yourself two or three years from now?

It’s difficult to say, probably be travelling a lot. We’ll be doing some great things for the Latin American and Caribbean region. I’ll probably also have a second Wulterkens Customized Wear store in the Netherlands. Mostly, I see myself healthy and happy😌.

How can people find you? Are you on social media?


Instagram: @nadirarr


Who is your IT Girl of The Week and why?

I would say, Maya Parbhoe, because she’s just badass. Making it all happen.


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