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Dani Walker, Miss Montana USA 2018 & Youtube Content Creator

Meet this week's ambitious beauty queen and YouTube star, @daniwalker ✅ Many of you may recognize Dani from the past, as she was one of our first IT Girl's and made a guest appearance on our podcast! This resilient beauty queen is a walking testament of how much hard work can really pay off. Dani believes to achieve success means to “consistently set goals, but never tie [your] version of success to achieving them. I feel that any pursuit, which takes me out of my comfort zone, and results in a new lesson, is success.” 🎉💄 Read more about this fabulous YouTube star below!
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What motivates you?

The ability to create change. Through my Youtube channel, I realized the power of sharing your story, and experiences, to aide others in the pursuit of their dreams.
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What does success mean to you?

I believe it's continual growth. I consistently set goals, but I never tie my version of success to achieving them. I feel that any pursuit, which takes me out of my comfort zone, and results in a new lesson, is success.

Can you share a quote you often refer to?

"Comparison is the thief of joy."- Theodore Roosevelt

Name one thing you do constantly that has contributed to your success.

I consistently ask myself what my audience needs. I believe a key to growth is offering what is needed, rather than trying to sell something to a customer that they don't need or want.
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What's the most embarrassing moment you've experienced in a professional setting?

Once I was hired by an event producer as a stage manager, which meant that I was in charge of directing entrance and exit cues, stage patterns, and talent. Upon arrival on show day, I entered a scene of chaos, and the event producer was no where to be found. Guests would arrive in a matter of hours, but the lighting, staging and sound had not been set up. Since I needed to use the stage, I gave quick direction to the tech staff, from my experience working in theater productions. About an hour before the show, I was touring volunteers though the facility so they understood their show placement; at this time the show producer walks in, screaming at the top of her lungs, scolding me and alleging that I was late for work and had not done my job, when in fact, I had exceeded it. She publicly humiliated me in front of the tech team and production staff, because she was completely unaware of anything that was happening at her event. That's around the time that I decided I wanted to be my own boss.

What's next? Where do you see yourself two or three years from now?

Ideally I will have held the title of Miss USA and Miss Universe, but no matter what the outcome of those events is, I know that I will continue to grow my brand. My Youtube channel revealed a market for beautiful interview dresses, that inspired my online store. The next venture I am pursuing is developing a phone app for the fashion and pageant industries.

Who is your It Girl of The Week and why?

Diane Von Furstenburg! She created a fashion empire from the ground up. Now she is shifting her energy towards philanthropy and building women's confidence with her #incharge campaign.

How can people find you? Are you on social media?; @daniwalker and @pageantaccess on Facebook and Instagram; @daniwalkermusic on twitter.
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