5 Tips to Deal with High-Pressure Work Environments

Nowadays the labor market is highly competitive, transformations are getting faster and people are in the need to adapt to emerging challenges that the new professional environment is presenting. However, adverse working conditions might lead to high-stress levels. This represents a huge barrier for people to properly obtain the results expected from them.


Achieving professionally under pressure means to keep being efficient regardless of the working conditions, lack of resources or having the time running against you. Even having a difficult boss can add up to make things more difficult on how you obtain your goals.

For this article, we are reviewing some tips you can apply on a daily basis in order to have great performance when you have all the odds against you.

1. Having Clear Priorities

Analyze the tasks that you have right now and begin with the ones that you know are the most difficult, over the others that you know can wait a little more. When you focus on your primary and harder challenges, at the end of the day you will feel a sense of accomplishment and relief about not having to worry about stressful stuff.

2. Manage Your Time

Efficient control of your time is vital if you want to deal with the stress of a high-pressure work. We know how annoying it can get when your deadlines are getting closer. The anxiety caused from stressed, can even result in you making the wrong decisions. Setting your own goals based on strict schedules will help you create a sense of discipline. Staying away from social media and cat videos won't hurt either.

3. Use An Agenda

Old tricks always come handy and using a notebook is one of them. Planning is crucial for any project, it will help you have everything under control and obviously, you won’t forget about everything you have to do. Design a working path with step-by-step activities and keep present all the deadlines you currently have. As stated before, prioritize the ones you know are harder and might take longer than others.


4. Keep IT Together

It is necessary to keep your emotions under control. If you let panic and stress take over, you won’t be able to think clearly about what you need to do. It can also take a toll on your mental health, seriously. If you feel that the levels of stress are starting to be unbearable, just take five, go for a break. Instead of having a cup of coffee, drink a glass of cold water. When you get back to your desk, put some relaxing music on and with a clearer state of mind, resume what you were doing. You’ll notice the difference.

5. Create Your Own Productive Routine

Discipline is the key to survive high pressure in the workplace. Discipline means developing a commitment to achieve the objectives you are setting to yourself. A very effective thing you can do is to design a strict daily routine, with fixed activities and schedules. It is known that it takes 90 consecutive days to create a habit. Focus on forming good habits, and breaking bad habits.

Understand Your Success

Lastly, understand what you are working towards. What is your ultimate goal and what does success look like to you? Achievement is a personal journey and looks different for everyone. Once you have a solid idea of what you want to achieve, you can take progressive steps, like the 5 tips we've outlined above.


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