3 Ways To Seal The Deal

“Don’t Worry, You Got This:”         3 Ways to Seal The Deal!

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Normally, a business pitch with a potential customer or an angel investor comes with a high dose of a rare mix of hope, chills, and nervousness. It all comes down to the next 30 minutes, all of our struggle and everything we’ve been fighting for resumes to this meeting. The one we had so much trouble to appoint in the first place. It has been difficult but here we are, now, what exactly are we supposed to do?

In this article we will review some important things you should keep in mind in order to have a successful meeting, obtaining concrete results and close that deal you need so much. This handy guide will also help if you apply it to a startup pitch with an investor or even a job interview.

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1. Be able to identify the struggles of your client.

Closing a deal is a matter of empathy, vision, and foresight. You should have a good balance of each component walking into the meeting. You should have a solid understanding of why you’re there. If you have an incredible product or service, you should know exactly how you and your business can solve the needs of your client. Ultimately, you should know your story and why it matters to the client.
So how do you do it? There is only one way to know and it is by asking the right questions. Before even presenting your speech, try listening to what your clients have to say. Get to know your audience before walking into the meeting. Understand what motivates them. What’s their story?
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2. Go straight to the decision maker.

Let’s see if you are familiar with this scenario: In the desire to get an appointment with this huge client, you end up scheduling a meeting with an intermediary or the assistant of the director you really need. You spend an hour with a person that you can tell is not really interested in what you have to say, and, at the end of that presentation, they just say something like “thank you so much, we’ll be in touch”. Then, you call this guy in the afterward to see what they have decided, and you just receive a ton of different excuses that leave you with a sense of frustration and anger.
Don’t blame them, it is not their job to pay attention or even close the deal with you. In order to prevent such frustration, take your time to reach the person you know will really appreciate your product or service. Nowadays, we have enough tools to research the right people to contact. Have patience and be consistent to avoid blowing a potentially huge business deal or interview. First impressions are everything. Be patient with yours.

3. Be Creative

You should always keep in mind that the people you are about to present your product have these kinds of meetings all the time. Nothing surprises them anymore. We believe the success of a solid presentation follows the 80-20 rule. 20% is all about the technicalities of the presentation. The other 80% percent is all about how you do it. As long as you keep your audience entertained with your speech and how you present it, you are increasing the possibilities to have a deal closed. Be creative, think outside the box, customize the presentation, do something different and never let them see you coming. The initial impact you create on them will be crucial at the moment they make a decision. Be confident in your strides to success.
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