What’s An IT Girl?

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So you're probably thinking, "What's an IT Girl?"


When we first started the organization, we had a few goals in mind.


We wanted to create a community that embraces individuals who thrive on knowledge, ambition and resilience. Almost two years later, IT Girl has morphed into a think tank that celebrates and serves those like minded individuals.


We celebrate IT Girls who aren't afraid to take a leap of faith, even against big norms.


We celebrate women who don' take no for an answer and appreciate the lessons that come with failure.


We appreciate individuals who see women as equal, qualified and suited for just about any challenge.


We challenge status quo thinking and outdated schools of thought.


We welcome creativity and healthy work environments.


So What's an IT Girl? Here's our official statement:



An IT Girl is someone who is self-empowered through knowledge, ambition and resilience. She’s not afraid to fight for what she believes. She understands that economic independence is everything, and through knowledge, all things are possible.


Being an IT Girl doesn’t mean molding into something you’re not.


Being an IT Girl means being a role model. A role model is someone who stays true to her passion and vision. A role model challenges the status quo, overlooks foreseen obstacles, and accepts each challenge in her path with grace. A role model is an inclusive leader and knows there’s no such thing as being lonely on the top. A role model shares knowledge and love, not lies and hate. A role model knows there’s no such thing as an odd ball out. She sees strength in everyone, and marginalizes no one. An IT Girl isn’t perfect, but she’s great. And we think that IT Girl is you. Welcome to the network. 📍




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