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Phoebe Raye


Meet our newest IT Girl of the Week: Phoebe Raye! 💃🏾💪🏾☀️This beauty hails from the U.K. but she’s taking the world by storm one dance move at a time. ✨ Phoebe is a dancer, blogger, personal trainer, and a vegan nutritional advisor (Whew, go girl!) ☺️ According to Phoebe: “There’s still a misconception that we are the weaker gender, hence pay gaps, but we work so hard and deserve the recognition.” ✨ Read More about Phoebe below.

What role do women play in Corporate America today, given the current environment of #Metoo, #Timesup and other women centric movements?


I believe girls need to be more independent as there’s still a misconception that we are the weaker gender hence pay gaps etc but we work so hard and deserve the recognition

Have you ever felt like you couldn't accomplish something, but surprised yourself? If so, please share.

Absolutely! Had the roughest last few months and had to deal with a lot on my own without support so I’ve had to learn to be there for myself and I’ve surprised myself with how much I can do. Even down to my job as a dancer, I am still shocked to this day I made it into a really tough industry.

What can women do better to support each other?

Make real good friends, not just people to go own with on Friday night but the ones there on Sunday morning when you need help moving house

What does success mean to you?

Success means every tiny bit of progress not just the one goal being smashed


Name one thing you do constantly that has contributed to your success.

Train my body, mind and spirit daily and challenge myself constantly



What motivates you?

The fact that there’s no other option most times than to get it done.


What's the most embarrassing moment you've experienced in a professional setting?

Falling on stage of course!


Can you share a quote you often refer to?

"Feel the fear and do it anyway." -Unknown


What's next? Where do you see yourself two or three years from now?

I hope to be traveling more or full time or living in LA pursuing the next step of my dance career and I hope to be financially free.


How can people find you? Are you on social media?



Who is your It Girl of The Week and why?

Oliviah Beckford! She’s my best friend and is always there for me no matter what




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