Meet Ashley, IT Girl of The Week

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Meet this weeks IT Girl of The Week: Ashley Craddock! 🤗✨✨

Ashley is a lifestyle and fashion blogger and believes success means changing the lives of others, in some shape or form. You can count on receiving inspiration by this poetic blogger through her twitter and lifestyle blog.

Help us celebrate Ashley as she continues to change the world with unbolded text that carry a huge punch 🥊 💻


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What role do women play in Corporate America today, given the current environment of #Metoo, #Timesup and other women centric movements?

Women play a huge role in Corporate America. More than people may want to believe. Based off the movements alone, there's now a spotlight and sense of courage for women to feel empowered in speaking up in what they believe and most importantly, what is just wrong. For years women have believed it's better to stay silent for the sake of protecting brands and careers- and it's comforting to finally see a shift in the narrative.

Have you ever felt like you couldn't accomplish something, but surprised yourself? If so, please share.

I think there are times where I still overwhelm myself and get in my own head. I’m only human but for me having a background as a student athlete, i always need to push through whatever I face. There’s always a way to tackle something you’re unsure of.. you just have to allow yourself to figure it out.
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Can you share a quote you often refer to?

It’s most likely one of my own lol. Lately I’ve been referring to “complete but not finished— becoming."
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What can women do better to support each other?

Hm.. I think women can quit being in competition. I know in the creative field there is this whole women empowerment movement but you still see a lack of networking within women of different calibers of platforms. Those who are bigger in audience don’t really network or connect with women of smaller networks— and I believe it’s because everyone is so numbers focused right now all over social media. Once we can get out of that viewpoint and selling ourselves to look the most accomplished and most important.. I think a lot more people will connect with people they might have never thought would be beneficial to them.

What does success mean to you?

Success to me means doing changing the lives of others on some shape of form. Being completely happy and satisfied with where I’m at and just making an impact in the world.

Name one thing you do constantly that has contributed to your success.

I try to do work for my blog and business every day and check something off my to do list. Also, investing in myself helps a lot Too with confidence.
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What's next? Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

I see myself with my sports firm, getting kids from all background to college and sending them off more prepared as student athletes then they have been. I see myself having the first multifaceted sports form for high schools students in California with a second location to come.

How can people find you? Are you on social media?

Yes! All of my socials are @ashleyncraddock and my blog is

Who is your IT Girl of The Week and why?

My IT Girl of The Week would be my friend Trinity Joseph because she has an empowering story and literally a true girl boss is NYC.


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