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In case you missed it, last year we interviewed 30 young women, who we hand selected to be our IT Girl of the week. We wanted to know what motivates them to deliver their best each day, What does success mean and look like to them, How have they overcome adversity in the past and so much more. Check out a few interviews below.

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Meet Laura

Business Owner
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What motivates you?

A passion for helping others capture, experience and preserve their own history. Whether capturing a family photo session or helping an entrepreneur build their brand identity, my role as a photographer and creative director is motivated by my deep love for telling human stories from new perspectives. I believe that it is through experiencing stories that we learn, understand and grow.


What does success mean to you?

For me success is being able to spend a quiet morning playing with my dogs instead of being stuck in rush hour traffic. Success is the freedom to work from a beautiful park on a sunny day instead of being stuck in a cubicle. Success is seeing my work make a positive impact in people's lives instead of being bogged down with 'busy work' that doesn't effect change. Success is having time when I want it to relish the little things instead of working overtime and not being compensated. Ultimately, success to me is being able to control my own schedule and time, while supporting myself through work I adore.

What's your favorite interview outfit?

My favourite interview outfit is actually a new purchase! Mustard yellow tailored dress pants, a black and white polka-dot silk blouse and a pair of black pumps. Professional, yet creative.

Can you share a quote you often refer to?

"Follow your heart, but take your head with you." I'm not entirely sure who said this and the above might actually be a paraphrase of the original quote, but I carry these words with me through every aspect of my business. As creative entrepreneurs it's easy to get caught up in what 'feels' good or gets our creative spidey-senses tingling, when really we should take a step back and think logically, practically and strategically about next steps, new projects, etc. I like this quote because it offers balance -- heart and brains should be in a business


What's the most embarrassing moment you've experienced in a professional setting?

Something that happens more than I'd like to admit is that I start a photoshoot with the lens cap still on. Yikes! I get so excited and busy chatting with my clients, that I forget to pop that thing off before we start! It always makes for a good laugh though.


Name one thing you do constantly that has contributed to your success.

Being prepared. Being prepared for projects, meetings, events, interviews, the works. Working ahead. Being over prepared. Preparing for worst case scenarios (just in case). Being hyper organized and detail-oriented. It's extra work to be sure, but cuts down on the stress factor which is truly priceless in the long run.



What's next?

In my day dreams, I see myself in a villa in Tuscany. Realistically though, haha, I would love to grow the Gooseberry team and create legitimate creative jobs for talented individuals. I would also like to expand my fine art portraiture and take on more business coaching to help budding entrepreneurs find their way. I also have a secret ambition to create a book of some sort too down the road, perhaps a photo book, maybe something written.
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Who is your IT Girl of The Week and why?

My "IT Girl of the Week" is SNOWZEI (www.snowzei.com | @snowzei). Not only is she a wildly talented art director and musician, but her writing is hilarious, raw and real. In a world where authenticity is such a buzzword, this girl takes being real to a whole new level which is inspiring! Definitely check her out!


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